Welcome to Sunrise Kennels
West German SV Sieger type German Shepherd Breeder, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

We have built a reputable kennel name based on a simple philosophy to our breeding; to emphasize type, size, temperament, soundness and always are aware that good health and personality is as every bit important as good anatomy and deep rich red, tan and black colours.  Our aim is to produce a German Shepherd who is intelligent, stable in temperament, with physical strength, beauty and abundant character which is according to the breed standard established by the international group German Shepherd WUSV (World Union of Associations of German Shepherd).

Our luxury Champion blood line short haired German Shepherd male is UK imported and registered in Germany, we don’t have any litters planned for 2017 but when available puppies have vaccinations and are optionally micro-chipped.

We hope you take some time and browse around our site and take time to delight in the information that we provide about German Shepherds. It’s the culmination of our lifetime devotion to this amazing breed.

If you are thinking about buying a luxury German Shepherd puppy your search should be planned, thorough, methodical and totally unhurried. Our dogs are worth waiting for and worthy of your patience. The German Shepherd is a fantastic family companion, the desire to connect with his owner is legendary and indisputable. The GSD truly is the ultimate embodiment of the term ‘mans best friend’. The well bred and thoughtfully reared German Shepherd is a dog to rival all others!

Please visit and like our Facebook page for almost daily updates: https://www.facebook.com/germanshepherdsegypt/

Note: We are not a boarding kennel nor do we train dogs, our premises are under 24 hour CCTV. If you are not after luxury and can only afford a cheap budget type dog consider adopting a local baladi type dog.



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