If you are looking for a German Shepherd Dog or Puppy for Sale in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh you need to do some research to avoid disappointment.  We have provided some information to hopefully make you think carefully about your future purchase.

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Over and over you will be told to buy a puppy from a ‘Reputable Breeder’or to find a “good dog”, but how do you find one of these? Facebook groups like “New For You” can lead you down a false trail where people ask only one question “How much”?  These “breeders” have often placed little planning into the breeding and simply felt the need to “marry” (breed) random German Shepherds with no thought, most of them do not even know what a proper show line German Shepherd looks like.

The process of choosing a puppy is exciting but it is also full of pitfalls. This brief guide has been put together in the hope that it will point you in the right direction of finding that ‘Reputable Breeder’ and giving you some tips on the areas to be wary of.


Is friendly, open and helpful; willing to answer your questions and speaks about the breed standard with enthusiasm

NEVER breeds from bitches under 18 months of age or after 8 years of age
NEVER sells to dealers, brokers or pet shops
ALWAYS will ask YOU lots of questions. Good breeders are concerned about who they sell their puppies to
ALWAYS will be happy to allow you to inspect all their dogs, the parents of both dogs, photos and any paperwork
ALWAYS will want to stay in touch with you and help you with any problems or queries and want updates on progress
ALWAYS will give you written information on vacinnations, feeding, training and general care
ALWAYS will have references from his customers and veterinarian that you can contact
ALWAYS will be transparent and offer optional pet microchips and extra information

Professional breeders will undoubtedly give their puppies the best possible start in life and care greatly about the well-being of both breeding stock and the future welfare of the puppies. A professional breeder will know and explain the exact specifications of bone structure and movement set out in the breed standard. Good temperament, however, is one attribute that should never be sacrificed in the pet puppy. It is important that a family pet have a happy, stable personality and “clear brain”

Professional  breeders in Egypt usually have a couple of imported micro-chipped pedigree german shepherds which live in the home as pets and sometimes breed puppies, not some random dogs. They should offer an written ‘after sales service’ and be open an honest.  Your initial communication with the breeder will give you an indication of who they are and what type of support you will get.

Puppies from a good, successful home will always have received the best of everything – a well balanced diet, be wormed, have first vaccinations, pet passport, daily play, exercise, grooming and lots of socialising.

The professional breeder is hoping their next best dog will be somewhere in that litter, for the first few months they won’t know which one it may be so every puppy receives exactly the same amount of attention. Professional breeders are concerned to keep hereditary and other health problems at bay and developing a line. They will be aiming to keep the best for themselves and get a good reputation so may well be trying hard to avoid health problems by only using quality breeding stock.


Sadly these puppies are produced through random breeding locally in Sharm el Sheikh. Locals, often low paid unskilled workers or “door men type people” (bawabs), have the notion that they have a dog that should be “married” (bred) and little thought is put into the quality produced. The puppies are sometimes removed from their mothers far too early not vaccinated and offered to ‘dealers’ or pet shops. This is not to say every puppy is of local quality you need to use your judgement, you simply might not get a puppy that will grow into what you desire. Some puppies offered are also not 100% pure and are mixed with a local feral dog, the best of that litter is retained then bred back to a German Shepherd.  If the person you are dealing with comes across as unprofessional chances are you will be disappointed when the dog matures.  It is important you find out what the breeder has produced in the past and what they area of focus is..

You should also be wary of people in industrial areas in Sharm el Sheikh which have a number of breeds and advertise puppies from many different breeds for sale. Good breeders will concentrate on one breed, occasionally two but rarely more and they will speak about the breed with enthusiasm. It is also important that you are able to inspect the mother with the puppies and the father.


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