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We recommend Dr Ahmed Ramzy – Sharm Animal Clinic, El Rowyset Entrance No 1 Villa 5 before Police Station, Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt, Tel 0111 566 6799

Dr Ahmed Ramzy is a veterinary surgeon and is fully licensed and registered.  We have known and used him for several years and he has proven to be trustworthy, honest and reliable.  We like him as he uses his brain to think and find different solutions to get your animal well again and not only has the qualifications but also the experience.

If your after a friendly vet who you can approach Dr Ahmed Ramzy is your best choice, he will make your animals relax and look after them well. His vet clinic is clean and he also has a nice enclosed shaded front garden where he can board your animals.

Give him a call on Tel 0111 566 6799 or visit his page on Facebook Sharm Animal Clinic Vet





Rumor named best in show on Tuesday from field of nearly 2,800 dogs

The five-year-old German shepherd with the black and red coat from Wisconsin captured the title of America’s top dog by winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.

Rumor the German shepherd named Westminster’s best in show – as it happened
Minute-by-minute report: Rumor the German shepherd earned the title of America’s best dog by winning the Westminster dog show on Tuesday night
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Rumor had come within touching distance of the top prize at Westminster a year ago, entering as the nation’s top-ranked dog but falling short at the final hurdle after winning the herding group to make the last seven. She retired into a presumed life of maternity afterward, but after failing to conceive re-entered competition last month for one final run at America’s most prestigious title.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Kent Boyles, the dog’s breeder, co-owner and handler. “I’m not sure I have the words to describe it.”

Rumor, whose official champion’s name is Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It V Kenlyn, moved effortlessly and elegantly around the ring to beat out a stacked field of six other group winners, among them a Norwegian elkhound named Duffy, a Pekingese named Chuckie, a miniature poodle named Aftin, a boxer named Devlin, a Norwich terrier named Tanner and an Irish setter named Adrian who was awarded a runner-up prize as reserve best in show.

“She’s got an awesome attitude and a lot of beautiful details about her,” Boyles said. “She really enjoys showing.”

The 51-year-old Boyles becomes the second breeder-owner-handler of a best in show winner in as many years after Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, who did it for the first time since 1983 in helming CJ the German shorthaired pointer last year.

Rumor, named for the Adele song “Rumour Has It” that was released 10 days before she was born in 2011, becomes only second German shepherd in Westminster’s 141-year history to win the sport’s most coveted title and only the second winner from the herding group. Manhattan, another German shepherd, took the top prize in 1987.

“The German shepherd standard talks about quality and nobility,” said Thomas H Bradley 3d, the veteran judge who assessed Tuesday’s final seven. “When you recognize it, it hits you at home, and that’s what it really is.

“She is just magnificent.”

Boyles, who has shown dogs for 35 years, looked relieved shortly after midnight as he fielded questions from a throng of media and onlookers, confirming that Rumor, after winning her 104th best in show title, was quitting on top after surviving a winnowing-down process that began on Monday morning with 2,798 entries in 202 breeds and varieties drawn from 49 states.

“This is her official retirement,” he said. “She can’t accomplish any more than what she’s accomplished. This is the ultimate win for her.”


Dogs are NOT impure or najis says prominent Egyptian Islamic scholar

Are Dogs dirty, najis or impure in Islam?

Traditionally, dogs have been seen as unclean and impure, with Islamic thinkers warning Muslims to avoid contact with the loyal animals.

Despite the Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH kindness to animals, including notable stories of the Prophet caring for puppies, it has often been considered that dogs are unclean and are incompatible with those that practice Islam.

Yet a fatwa by Egypt’s former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa challenges this traditional view, stating that there is a misconception about dogs being impure and ritually unclean (najis).

Sheikh Gomaa, who was Grand Mufti for a decade of the Sunni Islamic world’s top Islamic authority, is one of the most respected Islamic scholars and clerics in the world.

During his television show which discusses Islam’s teachings, the Sheikh stated that there is nothing wrong with keeping a dog inside your house as a dog is not impure.

According to Sheikh Gomaa, Islamic jurisprudence, which he says is based off Islam’s adopted teachings of Imam Malik ibn Anas, dictates that dogs come from a group of immaculate and clean animals that worship and are not impure or unclean.

In regards to the popular conception that ‘angels do not enter houses which contain dogs,’ the former Grand Mufti stated that this is not true, but that dogs should not enter your prayer space.

Yet, Sheikh Gomaa went even further in his defence of dogs, stating that their loyalty allows them to be beneficial for protection, hunting and detection of explosives and drugs. The Sheikh added that guide dogs are extremely beneficial for those that are blind.  It is well know that German Shepherds of are benefit to people.

It is unclear whether the Sheikh’s fatwa will be quickly adopted across the Islamic world. In the past, there have been multiple Islamic scholars that have spoken out against the idea that dogs are impure or unclean.

Sheikh Mahmud Shaltut, a former Grand Imam of Al-Azhar who was in office between 1958-1963, had issued a similar fatwa declaring that dogs are not ritually unclean. Former Grand Mufti Sheikh Nasr Farid Wasil also issued the same declaration in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Eastwind German Shepherd Breed Meet

Eastwind has organised a fun filled German Shepherd breed meet – February 11th

Event details: German Shepherd Breed Meet: Cairo

You and your dog can enjoy a day full of dog-friendly activities that are both entertaining and useful to your dog. Also that would be a great opportunity for your dog to socialize, break the daily routine and get to play with others.

Take a look at all the fun you both will have:
1. Fashion show & Beauty contest: you can dress your pooch in a unique way. So don’t forget to bring a killer outfit for your dog to steal the spot light.
2. Play Time!! You can bring your pooch’s most beloved toy and enjoy playing with the support of our specialists.
3. Agility course: Our professional trainers will provide some Dog Agility training to the pooches along with your companionship.

The Ticket is for: 100 L.E; each dog will give access to a whole family and friends. Seize the opportunity and book your spot by calling them on: 01115049999.

Enough said?! Don’t over think it, just bring your dog and meet up with us!
#LetsGetTogether #GermanShepherd