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West German SV Sieger type German Shepherd Breeder, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Female German Shepherd Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Female German Shepherd Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

This is Bacardi, our German Shepherd female.  She has a decent anatomy, deep rich colours and most important a clear brain with no personality or behavioral problems..

She is great with kids and other male dogs and is especially playful with lots of energy and is surprisingly a very strong dog.  She has a very strong prey drive however and simply does not like cats – with a passion but is a very delightful dog and a good mother.

German Shepherd puppies, puppy, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
German Shepherd Puppies in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt

Summer 2016 was hard work

Bacardi is definitely an alpha female and does not allow other alpha females into her living space.  We don’t have any puppies planned for 2017 and accept that Bacardi is not the best match anatomically for Rocky but she might fit into your breeding program or household, we would be interested to hear your ideas via private message.