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West German SV Sieger type German Shepherd Breeder, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Rocky, Male, German Shepherd, Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh
Rocky Male German Shepherd Sunrise Kennels Egypt

This is our male German Shepherd Rocky who is an West German SV Sieger Show Line type.

He has fantastic anatomy and a short stock coat – tan and red with black markings with great movement, Rocky is very strong and he has a “clear brain”

We received Rocky as an adult and he has full trace-ability to the UK, many people in Sharm el Sheikh within German Shepherd circles know and love Rocky and we still provide updates to his first owner.

Rocky has a unique personalty, he is really “one of a kind” and simply cannot be described unless you have had the experience to get to know him.  We feel it’s very important to get the right mix of anatomy and personality.  Sadly in Egypt many people breed dogs that are simply not suitable, Rocky has the right balance of everything desirable in a German Shepherd.

We don’t have any litters planned for 2017, but we certainly wish to preserve this line but would require a suitable female so please contact us if you have a short stock coat female who is similar to him that has a clear brain and stable nerves.

Puppy Rocky has produced – Rocky is NOT FOR SALE or for random breeding.

Rocky German Shepherd Puppy

Great Movement and Anatomy